The Center for Fraud Prevention

Helping youth sports associations fight theft and embezzlement.

The Center for Fraud Prevention is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the risk of fraud in youth sports association.


Theft, fraud and embezzlement costs U.S. groups more than $400 billion a year and the average organization loses about 6 percent of its total revenue to these crimes.  Youth sports associations are particularly vulnerable this type of crime for many reasons.


The Center for Fraud Prevention has designed several programs to help prevent fraud and embezzlement unique to youth sports associations.

Online Training: Ideal for individuals who are interested in learning more about fraud prevention.  Board Members, Executive Directors, Coaches and concerned parents.  To register for Online Training click HERE.   

Membership: Designed for youth sports associations.  This program helps reduce the risk of fraud through Internal Controls, Transparency and Best Practices

League Programs: Developed for the executives of youth sports leagues. Help the organizations in your league adopt fraud prevention measures.   

For information on additional programs contact The Center for Fraud Prevention.